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Service Manuals & Console

The Exhibitor Service Manual has all your forms (EAC, insurance, etc…) and is your guide to ordering services for the show – electrical, carpet, WIFI, F&B and more.

Exhibitor Service Manual

Even better, ordering online saves you 10% over standard advanced rates and 40% over onsite pricing for select items. Order online using the Freeman Online Portalthe recommended browser is Chrome for both Mac and PC systems. To begin, click the blue “Login” button in the upper right corner, and proceed using your existing Freeman username and password, or click on the “Create an Account” link.

Freeman Deadlines

July 29, 2018

Outdoor Retailer Forms Deadlines – You can find these forms in the Exhibitor Console.

June 25, 2018

  • Exhibitor Appointed Contractor (EAC)
  • Hanging Sign Approval
  • Proof of Insurance

Other Services Deadlines

July 9, 2018


Exhibitor Console

In the Exhibitor Console, you can manage your online profile, upgrades, logo upload for profile and mobile app, product showcases, show specials, invoice management and much more.

Exhibitor Console

Early Teardown Policy Reminder

Early booth breakdown is strictly prohibited. Due to an increase in complaints from retailers and exhibitors, Outdoor Retailer is committed to eliminating these practices from the show floor on the final day of the show.

Companies in violation of this policy are jeopardizing their booth location for future shows and the fine must be paid prior to being able to reserve space in subsequent shows. Please keep this in mind when making staffing decisions and travel arrangements for the final day of the show.

If your booth is unmanned or completely disassembled, we will take a photograph of your booth and send you a fine via email.

This early teardown policy supersedes any conflicting language in the terms and conditions to the exhibit space contract including but not limited to the terms and conditions stated therein in item number 12, and is a valid and enforceable amendment to the exhibit space contract. By exhibiting at the event, you hereby agree to this early teardown policy.

Lead Retrieval

Maximize the return on your tradeshow investment.  Don’t lose critical sales leads since not everyone carries business cards.  Everyone will have a badge with a barcode on it.  Scan attendee’s badges and build your own electronic database of prospective buyers while capturing valuable demographic information of everyone who visits your booth.

For Lead Retrieval Assistance, Please Contact:

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market:
Ann Cusimano
(888) 297-5247

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market:
Ajay Zyas
(888) 889-4674

Outdoor Retailer Snow Show:
Ajay Zyas
(888) 889-4674

PR Toolkit

The PR Toolkit will outline the most effective tools and tactics we have at your disposal to help you generate maximum visibility for your brand(s) before, during and after the show, including both free and paid opportunities.

Summer Market PR Toolkit

Winter Market PR Toolkit


Click the button to pay, view, or print invoices for Summer Market.

Summer Market Invoices

Show Dates & Times


Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2018
Demo Experience: July 22
Tradeshow: July 23 – July 26

Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2018
Tradeshow: November 8 – November 11

Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2019
Tradeshow: January 30 – February 1


Colorado Convention Center
700 14th St
Denver, CO 80202


Days 1 – 3: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Day 4: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Badge Registration

Exhibitor Badge Registration is now open for Summer Market 2018!


Exhibitor Badge Registration