July 23 - 26, 2018
Denver, CO

Demo Experience
July 22, 2018

Venture Out Community

You won't want to miss the core offerings and new brands and products featured at Summer Market. A curated selection of brands at the forefront of the modern outdoor experience, Venture Out is where core outdoor retailers are finding the brands to attract new, younger and more urban-influenced consumers. Don’t miss Venture Out with more brands capturing the creative expression of our outdoor obsession.

“A goal of retailers is to make their space "sticky". The more time a customer sticks around in your shop, the more they are likely engage in a relationship and return. It gives the retailer and the customer the chance to build that mutually beneficial relationship. We came because we were curious. We stayed because Venture Out was sticky.

One of the great things about Outdoor Retailer is that you are surrounded by a tribe who is defined by a love of the outdoors, just not necessarily in the same way. Still, we share and thrive off each others stoke. Venture Out has gotten me thinking more about how Adventure 16 can share that stoke with more Outdoor enthusiasts, even if their passion isn't rooted in our past."  - Christo Kuzmich, Adventure 16 Buyer

Check out exhibitors that have been part of the Venture Out community: