Outdoor Retailer | January 22 - January 25, 2014 | Salt Lake City, UT Summer Market Winter Market Outdoor Retailer

January 22 - January 25, 2014, Salt Lake City, UT

Badge Registration

Badge Registration for Winter Market 2015 will open in November.

Outdoor Retailer invites qualified working media professionals from consumer and trade news organizations to submit a registration request.

Submit your interest here and be notified when registration opens.

Follow the steps below for easy online registering (please read “Am I Working Media?” section below, before registering).

Am I Working Media?

If you fall under one of these categories, you may register for a "Working Media" badge (no cost):
  • Editorial Staff - writers, editors and photographers listed on the masthead as full time staff members
  • Freelance Photographer - on assignment for a major publication
  • Freelance Writer - on assignment for a major publication
  • Stylist - on assignment for a major publication or television program
  • Video and Television Crews - on assignment by a major media outlet
  • Internet News Site - one editor and one photographer per site
  • Bloggers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and fall under the same guidelines as Internet Working Media outlined below
Specific Guidelines for Internet Working Media:
  • Every website qualifying as working media will receive no more than two working media badges (one photo editor with photo credentials and/or one editor/writer). All additional representatives from the Web site will be required to pay the non-exhibiting manufacturer fee to receive a Media Sales badge.
  • Every web site will be fully scrutinized for editorial content prior to receiving working media badges
  • Personal blogs, forums and user groups will not be considered for media registration
  • Website must be active at time of registration
Press credentials will NOT be issued to the following representatives, and need to register for a "Media Sales" badge:
  • Advertising sales representatives
  • Spouses and other guests of working media
  • Advertising, marketing or public relations representatives from exhibitor companies or agencies
  • Representatives of organizations selling or producing publications, video, audio tapes, or Web sites intended for marketing, advertising, and public relations purposes
  • Organizations whose main objective is to promote their products, services, i.e., marketing, advertising, financial analysis or public relations/advertising firms
  • Content Media - Media outlets that provide content generation services FOR A FEE by interviewing, photographing and videotaping companies and their staff and/or reselling content generated by interviewing, photographing and videotaping companies and their staff to interviewees or third parties as a regular policy of their media outlet’s business plan. Content Media will only be allowed one film crew of three people (one producer, one videographer and one sound technician).
NOTE: Outdoor Retailer reserves the right to deny access to its show at any time.

All Media registering on-site must provide the following:
  • Hard copy of the publication masthead listing name and editorial title
  • Hard copy of recent industry-related articles with your byline
  • If Web-based media, site must be active at the time of registration and will be fully scrutinized for consistent, industry-related editorial content
  • Photo ID
  • Business card
Outdoor Retailer does allow video and still cameras on the show floor.

Media attendees taking photos and video must prominently display their Working Media badge.  Exhibitors may take pictures within their own booths for purposes of company or annual reports, company media pieces, marketing materials, etc. Under no circumstances will anyone be permitted to take pictures of an exhibitor's product without permission from the exhibitor. Many products on display at Outdoor Retailer are innovative, one-of-a-kind prototype items.

Exhibitors have the right to refuse the taking of pictures in their booth, ask the person to delete what was photographed/videotaped, and to report to security or Outdoor Retailer staff any instance of inappropriate photography/videography of company products or displays. Violation of OR's camera policy can result in being banned from future shows.

Thank you for submitting your registration request and see you at the show!